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Sewanee, TN

The University of the South is an institution of the Episcopal Church dedicated to the increase of knowledge- understanding- and wisdom- pursued in close community and in full freedom of inquiry- and enlightened by Christian faith in the Anglican tradition- to the end that students may be prepared to search for truth- seek justice for all- preserve liberty under law- and serve God and humanity.

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to the development of the whole person through a liberal arts education of exceptional quality. Outstanding students work in close contact with distinguished faculty in a demanding course of humane and scientific study that prepares them for lives of high achievement. Providing rich opportunities for leadership and spiritual growth while grounding its community on a pledge of honor- Sewanee enables students to live with grace- integrity- and a reverent concern for the world.

The School of Theology educates women and men to serve the broad whole of the Episcopal Church in ordained and lay vocations. The School develops leaders who are learned- skilled- informed by the Word of God- and committed to the mission of Christ’s church- in the Anglican tradition of forming disciples through a common life of prayer- learning- and service. Sewanee’s seminary education and world-wide programs equip people for ministry through the gift of theological reflection in community.