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San Juan, PR 925

The Seminary has as a dual mission. First- to educate pastoral leaders (both men and women) to serve the mission and ministry of God's people in Puerto Rico and also in the Caribbean- Latin America and the growing Hispanic communities in the USA. Second- to serve the educational needs of lay people- and others who seek graduate education in the field of Religious Studies. This dual mission entails the following goals: To offer theological education of teh highest academic and professional quality to those persons-women and men- whose vocational goal is the ordained ministry. To offer interested lay persons and others and others graduate education in Religious studies- with and interdisciplinary focus- that promotes critical study and reflection about the Religious phenomenon in general and the Christian tradition in particular period. To offer interested pastors and lay people opportunitties for acquiring useful skills and necessary knowledge for the on-going life and well-being their church communities. This goals are fulfilled through three programs: The Master of divinity- The Master of Religion and the Continuing Education Program.