Jobs Near Seacoast Career School-Manchester Campus

Manchester, NH 3101

Seacoast Career Schools trains individuals for allied health career opportunities. Seacoast Career Schools willcontinue to develop and operate a variety of courses and programs designed to train students for entry-levelpositions which provide opportunities for growth and advancement.Goals of Seacoast Career Schools:• To enroll students who are interested in developing or improving their skills in the subject areas taught bythe training center.• To enroll vocational program students who are interested in seeking and obtaining employment aftersuccessfully completing the training program.• To maintain an awareness of the competencies required for placement in the curriculum areas taught bythe training center.• To train students in the subject competencies required for placement in the selected fields of professionalgrowth.• To train vocational program students in the process of interviewing- resume and cover letter writing- jobdevelopment and to provide the students with placement assistance.• To hire staff members and instructors who are capable of working effectively with the students whoattend the training center.• To provide students with equipment and instructional materials suitable for the training program taught.• To review courses and programs so that adjustments may be made to reflect the changing standards andneeds of business.• To operate a facility that provides students with a comfortable- safe- and professional environment.