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Saint Peters, MO 63376

The mission of Sanford Brown is to support the needs of a diverse student population by providing quality- flexible and career-focused education that specializes in technical and non-technical fields of study with a focus on allied healthcare profesions.Sanford Brown prepares students for entry-level employment through a supportive and student-oriented environment while serving the needs of our communities.ObjectivesEnvironmentWe strive to create an environment that stimulates the workplace by maintaining industry-current labratory facilities- equipment- and externship opportunities.QualityWe seek out faculty of higher caliber to provide education and training that focuses on the core knowledge and skills required to succeed and achieve professional recognition.ServiceWe endeavor to recognize each of our students as individuals deserving of the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.Continuous ImprovementWe utilize student outcomes in placement and retention- and feedback from students- employers- faculty- staff- and advisory groups that can continually improve our educational programs.AchievementWe provide the means to supoort high levels of achievement from our students- staff- and faculty.