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Caguas, PR

Escuela de Medicina San Juan BautistaA Community-Based Medical SchoolMission StatementEscuela de Medicina San Juan Bautista was founded in 1978 as a private- not for-profit medical school. It is located in the east-central region of Puerto Rico. The Mission of the School is to teach and train students to become primary care physicians that can provide holistic diagnosis and treatment to communities in need of health services in Puerto Rico. Its major purpose is to provide opportunities for an excellent medical education to students who wish to study on the Island. The Institution is committed to providing high quality medical education- service- and research that will foster students comprehensive development- so that they can become capable- competent- skilled and honest professionals.The SJBSM students will be prepared and qualified to go beyond the challenges brought forth by new knowledge and new technology in the fields of health services and medical education- in accordance to accrediting agencies and the integration of science and medical education.