Jobs Near San Diego Christian College

El Cajon, CA

The mission of San Diego Christian College is to engage Christians in an academic community that offers a liberal arts education- promotes an environment of scholarship- and fosters the examination of truth- preparing them to influence the world through godly character within a framework of the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. Learning goals centered on the mission are directed toward enabling students to:Obtain a foundational knowledge of the humanities- sciences- and social sciences that provides a framework for life-long learningSpecialize in at least one academic discipline with specific career and life applicationsDemonstrate effective communication and social skillsApply critical thinking skills to scholarly- professional- and personal endeavorsPractice individual responsibility to God- to others- and to the environmentExplore a variety of opportunities for active participation in local and global communities in preparation for a lifestyle of service and ministryInteract effectively with individuals of diverse cultural perspectivesExercise self-discipline and personal integrity based on biblical principles and an active personal relationship with Jesus Christ