Jobs Near Salter School-Fall River Campus

Fall River, MA 2720

The mission of The Salter School is to provide students with necessary skills andattitudes to secure employment in their field of training. At the same time- the student isgiven an understanding of the responsibilities and obligations involved in the ethicalconduct of business. Fundamental to its mission is the emphasis on individual advisingand guidance.From the day a student enters the school- he/she becomes a part of a close-knit- congenialatmosphere- providing the stimulus and opportunity for growth through recognition ofhis/her individual needs. The objectives of The Salter School are:• To provide the finest vocational and cultural training possible• To provide curricula that meet the current standards of the industries weserve• To provide an environment that will foster academic as well as personaldevelopment• To assist graduates in securing entry level positions that will lead tofulfilling their career objectives