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Carson, CA

The mission of RWM Fiber Optics is to empower a diverse student body by teaching academic concepts and technological skills and by instilling in students the importance of effective- responsible application of their knowledge to succeed in a highly competitive- technologically changing world. RWM Fiber Optics’ goal is to provide a proper balance between theory- diagnosis and laboratory work. The school certifies students in broadband technology who may be employed in many fiber optic and broadband positions available today and tomorrow! BELIEF STATEMENTS:1.Education is essential to success.2.All students learn- achieve- create- and succeed in different ways.3.Students learn best when they are engaged in the learning process.4.Respect is a necessary component of learning.5.Diversity strengthens understanding.6.Positive morale among students and staff is critical to the success of the school.7.Staff and students deserve a safe and physically comfortable environment which supports positive learning experiences.8.Students- staff- parents and the community share the responsibility for the success of the school.DESIRED RESULTS FOR STUDENT LEARNING:Critical Thinking Indicators:1. Students demonstrate high level thinking skills.2.Students develop self-assessment skills.3.Students utilize task-oriented application of knowledge.Academic Accountability Indicators: 1. Students demonstrate mastery of academic concepts and technological skills.2.Students meet due dates and deadlines.3.Students abide by standards of academic honesty.