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Denver, CO

Regis University educates men and women of all ages to take leadership roles and to make a positive impact in a changing society. Standing within the Catholic andUnited States traditions- we are inspired by the particular Jesuit vision of Ignatius Loyola. This vision challenges us to attain the inner freedom to make intelligent decisions.We seek to provide value-centered undergraduate and graduate education as well as to strengthen commitment to community service. We nurture the life of the mind and the pursuit of truth within an environment conducive to effective teaching- learning- and personal development. Consistent with Judeo-Christian principles- we apply knowledge to human needs and seek to preserve the best of the human heritage. We encourage the continual search for truth- values- and a just existence.Throughout this process- we examine and attempt to answer the question: “How ought we to live?”As a consequence of Ignatius Loyola’s vision- particularly as reflected in his Spiritual Exercises- we encourage all members of the Regis community to learnproficiently- think logically and critically- identify and choose personal standards of values- and be socially responsible. We further encourage the development ofskills and leadership abilities necessary for distinguished professional work and contributions to the improvement and transformation of society.