Jobs Near Rabbinical College Bobover Yeshiva Bnei Zion

Brooklyn, NY 11219

The Rabbinical College Bobover Yeshiva aims to carry forward the chain of Jewish learning and career training in an environment where education is personal- but rigorous and challenging.The Yeshiva defines its purpose as teaching students Torah learning skills in order to foster creative scholarship and provide the community with Talmudists- scholars- and well-educated laymen. We identify the following specific mission elements:1. Train students in the study and analytical interpretation of the classic texts of Judaism. Foster reasoning skills- proficiency in textual analysis- the capacity for legal analysis- and a deftness in the application of advanced logic to methods of argumentation.2. Prepare students for service careers as Yeshiva teachers- melamdim- mechanchim and maggidei shiur in a wide range of formats.3. Provide students with the education for pursuing advanced rabbinic degrees that lead to college level teaching or practical rabbinics.4. Develop in the student a strong moral dimension by fostering an ethical sensibility through the study of Mussar- devotional texts and Talmudic Aggadata.5. Foster in the student a contemplative spirit- an awareness of the life of the mind and its encouragement.6. Train those with exceptional gifts for higher research in Talmud.