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Prairie View, TX 77446

Prairie View A&M University is dedicated to excellence in teaching- research and service. It is committed to achieving relevance in each component of its mission by addressing issues and proposing solutions through programs and services designed to respond to the needs and aspirations of individuals- families- organizations- agencies- schools- and communities--both rural and urban. Prairie View A&M University is a state-assisted institution by legislative designation- serving a diverse ethnic and socioeconomic population- and a land-grant institution by federal statute.Having been designated by the Texas constitution as one of the three institutions of the first class (1984)- the University is committed to preparing undergraduates in a range of careers including but not limited to engineering- computer science- natural sciences- architecture- business- technology- criminal justice- the humanities- education- agricultural sciences- nursing- mathematics- and the social sciences. It is committed to advanced education through the master's degree in education- engineering- natural sciences- nursing- selected social sciences- agriculture- business- and human sciences. It is committed to expanding its advanced educational offerings to include multiple doctoral programs.