Jobs Near Pontifical College Josephinum

Columbus, OH

The Pontifical COllege Josephinum ia a Roman Catholic seminary whose mission is to prepare men for the ordained priesthood through human- spiritual- intellectual- and pastoral formation. The seminary consists of two academic divisions: The College of Liberal Arts and The School of Theology- which includes a Pre-Theology Program.The Jospehinum is a pontifical institution immediately sujbect to the Holy See- through the Apostolic Nuncio- and governed by the Board of Trustees. Its programs follwo the norms established by the Code of Canon LAw- the Congregation for Catholicm Education- and the United STates Conference of Catholic Bishops.Continuing the vision of its founder- Msgr. Joseph Jessing- the Josephinum seeks to prepare priests for the new evalgelization and to serve the pastoral needs of the Church. In fidelity to this vision- the Jospehinum provides resources to prepare candidates for the priesthood- enabling them to respond to the particular needs of their local communities. The Jospehinum shares its resources with the wider Church by promoting vocations and by offering continuing education to celergy and laity.