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Ponce, PR

The fundamental mission is to provide an academic offer- which may assist students in becoming productive- well trained and sensible- to reach the quality of life they deserve. It is also an important Part of Ponce Paramedical College’s mission- to have higher education available for all the persons. This is considered as an important contribution- to enhance the quality of life of the community and the Puerto Rican Society.Aware of the importance of the professions in areas directly or indirectly related with the health- technology and entrepreneur market- Ponce Paramedical College will structure and develop courses and programs preferable in these fields. The mission is to prepare a competent professional capable of applying knowledge- skills and attitudes in the challenging modern health system- administration and technology fields- required by the Commonwealth’s historic moment as well as the United States of America-In order to accomplish this mission- Ponce Paramedical College has incorporated the technical level and associate degree in its academic offerings. The technical is a vocational type level with high skills and the associate degree is the first university level- which includes in its curriculum general- professional and technical courses- to broaden the educational development.