Jobs Near Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing

New York, NY

The mission of Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing- as a single purpose institution- is to provide optimal academic and clinical experiences which will enable individuals to obtain an Associate in Applied Science Degree- and be eligible for licensure as Registered Professional Nurses. The education program prepares graduates to utilize the knowledge and skills necessary to problem-solve- think critcally and collaborate as necessary with health care providers in managing the care of patients. The education program is also designed to prepare graduates to be responsible for their own personal and professional growth.The aim is to graduate nurses who will provide high quality- culturally sensitive and compassionate care in a variety of healthcare settings. The program prepares graduates to be flexible- accountable and maintain the highest moral and ethical standards of the profession.The mission of the School has been established in cognizance of society's ongoing need for nurses who are able to provide care to meet the needs of diverse populations. Nurses must be able to meet the challenges of a complex healthcare system. The faculty and leadership of the School strive to provide an educational program that is responsive to these societal changes. The curriculum provides a foundation upon which graduates can build leadership- educational and clinical expertise. The strong emphasis on critical thinking abilities and evidence-based practice prepares graduates to become knowledgeable and involved global citizens.