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Oakland, CA 94601

Patten is a private- coeducational- interdenominational Christian University dedicated to providing a Liberal Arts education with a strong biblical studies emphasis. Patten University is committed in all of its policies and practices to upholding the Lordship of Jesus Christ- the authority of the Bible as the revealed Word of God- and the high moral standards found in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Our mission is to provide an excellent education for motivated and committed students from a broad diversity of ethnic- geographic- and socioeconomic backgrounds. The University seeks to maintain a welcoming and supportive community where students are encouraged and equipped to find and develop their unique talents and spiritual gifts.To achieve its purposes- the University seeks to offer students a coherent and integrated education so that they will become aware of the traditions and cultures that have shaped societies- develop and expand their abilities to think critically and independently- and come to understand their own place and role in the larger world community. The University endeavors to inspire students to commit themselves to God- serve their communities- and live as morally responsible individuals in whatever vocation or profession they choose to pursue.