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MISSION AND PURPOSES“Oglala Lakota College is an institution of higher education chartered by Oglala Sioux Tribe to coordinate all higher education on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Its mission is to offer a wide range of educational opportunities from community service offerings to certificates- to undergraduate degrees. The ultimate goal is the establishment of a Lakota University.”“In carrying out the mission- the Oglala Lakota College Board of Trustees stresses Lakota culture and Tribal self-determination. The College prepares students to understand the larger society as well as the customs and beliefs of the Lakota people. Working towards these ends- the College has defined as its purposes:TribalTo provide the Oglala Sioux Tribe as a sovereign people with educated and trained human resources and personnel.To assist people in being active- productive members of their families- communities- and of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.To provide the Oglala Sioux Tribe with expertise and information needed for its development.To actively seek to place graduates.CulturalTo present the Lakota cultural perspective in teaching within the academic- occupational and community programs.To promote study of the Lakota culture as an area of study in itself.To research- study and disseminate the Lakota language- culture and philosophy.AcademicTo maintain high academic standards for staff and students.To maintain open enrollments.To be accessible to potential students.To teach students necessary skills and human values which will assist them in fulfilling themselves and making a productive living.To work with other institutions and agencies in furthering the interests of the college.CommunityTo assist with the determination of development needs of the reservation districts and communities.To assist the reservation districts and communities in achieving their goals.To provide continuing and community education.