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Houston, TX

North American College- as an institution of higher learning- is committed to providing a nurturing environment for the systematic pursuit of academic and career-related learning- professional and personal development- responsible citizenship- and global cultural competency. The college aims to achieve these goals through instruction- scholarly inquiry- the free discussion and dissemination of ideas- and creative activity.The following core values should guide all members of the college community as they strive to achieve individual and joint goals.Learning – Dedication to the discovery- construction- discussion and dissemination of knowledge and its real-world applications.Honesty and Integrity – Commitment to truth and consistency in one’s actions and communication.Leadership – Courage and commitment to lead with integrity- innovation and openness to new ways of thinking and inquiry.Teamwork – Pursuit of excellence through consultation and collaboration. Ethical and Professional Conduct – Pursuit of high ethical and professional standards in every endeavor.Human Dignity – Recognition that every human being is unique and valuable- and has something of value to contribute to the college environment and society at large.