Jobs Near MJ's Beauty Academy Inc

Dallas, TX 75224

Mission Statement:It is our mission to provide a quality education for students in their chosen vocation.We prepare students to confidently approach and pass the licensure examination.We prepare students for job level entry positions.We continually introduce students to “Trend Releases” as a means of keeping them abreast of changing fashions.We prepare students both academically and psychologically to enter a work force and become gainfully employed.We consistently seek to improve the educational programs offered by MJ’s Beauty Academy.We seek to improve the life style of those living on a fixed income.On Wednesday and Thursday of each week:We offer services to senior citizens in our community at a reduced rate.We offer families who have a spouse on active duty in the military services- a discounted rate. Must have proper identification.We aggressively seek to provide skilled professionals for local salon owners and operators as a means of furthering and strengthening the profession.We strongly support education beyond the basic studies of cosmetology and or related fields- and consistently seek out those who show an interest in teaching skills.