Jobs Near Merkaz Bnos-Business School

Brooklyn, NY 11214

Merkaz Bnos firmly believes that every individual was created by G-d to contribute to this world in a meaningful fashion through the maximum utilization of his/her particular abilities and talents. Therefore- our school has been designed to foster within each student a sense of self-esteem and a desire to make a positive change in society at large. We challenge our students to achieve their utmost and inculcate them with the knowledge and skills that fully actualize their potential- developing their respect for productivity and love for lifelong learning.At our vocational school we believe that- in order to achieve utmost self-actualization and self-sufficiency- an individual must have the training that will lead to meaningful and constructive employment. We teach adult students the skills necessary to utilize their talents and become gainfully employed. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of social responsibility and become active participants in our global community- thereby making a positive difference in society.In a supportive and caring learning environment- Merkas Bnos students learn to be proud of their capabilities- responsible citizens- and ready- willing and able to become meaningful contributors to their communities.