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Maharishi University of Management was founded in 1971 by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to fulfill the highest ideals of education. Foremost among these ideals is to help students develop the ability to think and act in harmony with their environment and to live a fulfilled life. The University has pioneered a unique system of higher education based on developing students’ full alertness and creative intelligence-the foundation of learning. This system integrates de content of traditional discipline-based education with knowledge and technologies for developing students’ mental potential. At the foundation of this system is student- faculty- and administrators’ practice of systematic and scientifically verified techniques to develop the full potential of human consciousness. Through programs that give students a traditional education while cultivating the holistic growth of consciousness- mind and body- the University offers students the skills needed to manage their lives effectively- to lead lives characterized by health and wisdom- and to achieve both personal and professional success and fulfillment on all areas of life. The University’s unique educational programs are designed to fulfill a commitment to four broad areas of responsibility:To achieve educational excellence; To promote the holistic development of our students consciousness- mind and body; To conduct original research and extend the frontiers of knowledge; To improve the quality of life for the individual- the nation- and the world;