Jobs Near Valley College

Valley Glen, CA

Los Angeles Valley College is a comprehensive community college located in the center of the San Fernando Valley. The College serves the community by providing transfer- degree- career-technical- foundational- transitional and continuing education programs in an attractive and accessible learning environment that fosters student success. Embedded in these programs are the greater goals of critical thinking and life-long learning which are necessary for success in the workplace and for advancing one's education- personal development and quality of life. The Los Angeles Valley College faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students be successful. They emphasize excellence in teaching and providing a variety of support services that are designed to meet students where they are and help them reach their personal and professional goals. Beyond the classroom- the College provides for students a variety of co-curricular activities that serve to create a rich campus life experience.Los Angeles Valley College advances the economic development of the region through programs- services and partnerships that address continuing and emerging employer needs in a diverse set of industries- including one of the largest concentrations of entertainment studios in the world. Los Angeles Valley College hosts numerous cultural and athletic events throughout the year and serves as home to the San Fernando Valley Historical Museum. The campus has a park-like quality- with a rich variety of trees selected by its founding faculty. As a result- the campus itself serves as a laboratory for learning and gives the College a special appreciation for the environment and issues of sustainability.