Brooklyn, NY

Long Island College Hospital of Brooklyn School of Nursing is a single-purpose institution of higher education committed to the education of associate degree registered nurses. The mission of LICHSON is consistent with the standards of quality and caring of our profession and our parent institution. Our educational program prepares graduates to incorporate the knowledge and the competencies necessary to problem solve- think critically- and promote interdisciplinary collaboration with health care providers in caring for patients and families.The overall aim of LICHSON is to prepare graduates who will be guided by the highest ethical and moral standards in order to provide quality- competent- and compassionate care to diverse patients of all ages and stages of development in the life cycle. Graduate nurses will be prepared to be flexible- practice ethically- maintain the legal standards of the profession- and provide high quality care in a compassionate manner. We believe that the purpose of education is to prepare one to become a better person and citizen by becoming responsible for one's personal growth and professional development- and thereby improving the community for other members of society. The School achieves this mission by providing an environment that is conducive to the acquisition of knowledge and skills and by promoting development of intellectual resources to serve as a foundation for continued learning and personal growth. The balanced curriculum in nursing and general education combines the resources of a hospital-based program with those of a senior college- which provides the general education and biological science courses.The School of Nursing is committed to serving the needs of a diverse multicultural inner-city student population of men and women of all age groups with a variety of family and employment responsibilities.