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Southwestern College of Business is committed to the educational and personal enrichment of each student. By offering distinct business programs- each of varying emhpasis and length- the College is able to present the student with the curriculum most adaptable to his/her career objectives. Each program is specifically designed to qualify the student for the entry level employment requirements of industry- government- allied health- and business offices with promotable competence.The individual needs and capacities of the students are paramount at Southwestern College of Business. It is the philosophy of the College to establish and maintain standards that will foster the training- advancement- welfare- and best interests of the students. Specifically- the College emphasizes the philosophy of free enterprise; it trains students in basic skills and techniques which prepare them to secure and hold employment in the business world. It endeavors to develop in the students attitudes and habits that lead to promotion and success. It teaches students to meet and adjust to ever-changing conditions in a rapidly growing business world.