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Philadelphia, PA 19130

The objective of LT International Beauty School is to prepare any and all students to enter upon and progress in a successful career in cosmetology. The Academy was found by a family of salon owners who saw the need to teach students modern and updated methods and techniques in hair designs and styling. This family of salon owners will participate in every phase of the school’s operations to assure every student a quality education in the field of Cosmetology. These students will graduate from LT International Beauty School with great confidence that they will be able to become professional stylist- managers- esthetician- manicurist and owners of beauty salons.The curriculum at LT International Beauty School is respected in the arena of beauty education. This curriculum includes modern techniques of hair dressing as well as teaching- including audiovisual equipment and the hands-on expertise of experienced teachers. Also- Students will be precisely trained in both manual and machine facials with full consultation and skin analysis procedures. We emphasize personal attention to meet the needs of each individual student. Our graduates are educated to be professionals in the beauty industry- whether it be in the art of haircutting and hair design- hair coloring or perm... make-up …skin care…manicuring and the related beauty areas.