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Salina, KS

The mission of Kansas Wesleyan University is to promote and integrate academic excellence- spiritual development- personal well-being- and social responsibility.Kansas Wesleyan University provides an education program characterized by excellence within a caring community- rooted in the liberal arts tradition. The call of the university is to develop both intellect and character- to stimulate creativity and discovery- to nurture the whole person--body- mind- and spirit. Diversity is encouraged in curriculum- faculty- and students.Kansas Wesleyan University prepares students not only for careers and professions- but also for lifelong learning. The university equips its students for responsible leadership in their communities- for useful service in and to the world- and for stewardship of the earth.Kansas Wesleyan University provides a setting in which faith and learning are integrated; encounter with the Christian proclamation is an integral part of the life of the university. The university fosters the lively discussion of faith and values- encouraging students to develop a thoughtful- personal world view informed by Christian tradition.Kansas Wesleyan University serves the church- community- and the world by providing a variety of resources for educational- cultural- and spiritual enrichment. The aim of the university is to discover- to build- and to share a higher quality of life and a broader vision of the world.