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The mission of José María Vargas University is to provide a holistic model of education in which students are prepared both personally and professionally to contribute to society within a global context. It exists to serve the unique needs of the students of South Florida who live and work in an increasingly populous- international environment. To meet these needs- the University offers programs that are both academic and career-oriented in their focus. José María Vargas University distinguishes itself by a special emphasis on programs in the area of child development and pre-school education- affording students the opportunity to pursue a progressive program of study. Among all its programs of study- the goal of the University is to promote a quality education in which students acquire the critical thinking and conceptual skills- as well as the knowledge and flexibility- to function in their careers. In the pursuit of these goals- the University provides students with a balanced curriculum of learning experiences in the areas of academic scholarship- real-life practical skills- interpersonal skills and self-knowledge.Furthermore- José María Vargas University is committed to the ideals of ethical behavior- social equality and the continual search for the harmonious development of society. Its students and faculty seek to acquire- produce- investigate and disseminate knowledge with the ultimate aim of developing the potential of every human being as an individual and a citizen.