Jobs Near J & J Hair Design College

Carthage, MS

J & J Hair Design College is committed to providing training to persons who desire to become a part of an exciting and rewarding career---the Hairstyling Industry! J & J Hair Design Colleges understand the challenges facing our society today and want to provide a quality education to people from all walks of life that will prepare them to enter the work force and take their place within society. Our basic goals are: 1) to educate students in men and women's hair cutting- styling- perming and coloring- skin care and various new techniques in the field of hairstyling. 2) To educate students to be successful through personal motivation with the understanding of the financial aspects of hairstyling. 3) To master the necessary skills and procedures required for studenst to successfully pass the Mississippi State Barber Board examination- obtain their licenses- and ultimately- become a productive part of our society.