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Mayaguez, PR 680

The use of proper instructional methodology leads to positive educational results. This must be the goal of all educators. But it also requires the student’s commitment towards his education. Human beings produce their maximum- both physically and mentally- when a goal is set by stimuli or motivation. The application of adequate methods in any form of education leads the way to positive results which is the goal of every educator. The objective of this effort is to ensure the stu- dent to be continuously motivated towards his goals and achieve the success that will pro- cure him a mean towards obtaining a gainful employment and become a contributor to society. Technical studies have been the way to many students in reaching their personal and pro- fessional goals- whether by enhancing already developed skills or by acquiring them. Technical schools have contributed to fulfill educational gaps to many students with unfin- ished studies stimulating to complete their trade or profession. Technical schools provide a powerful weapon to participants- to obtain the tools necessary to work towards improving their lives- and providing them with the socioeconomic mean to exploit their opportunities in life.