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Geneva, NY 14456

Hobart and William Smith Colleges are a student-centered learning environment- globally focused- grounded in the values of equity and service- developing citizens who will lead in the 21st century.The Colleges’ commitment to these principals was solidified in 1999 when they appointed the then director of the Peace Corps as president of Hobart and William Smith. President Mark D. Gearan has since reinforced the Colleges' commitment to global understanding and study abroad opportunities- community service- and service learning- with the goal of providing these elements through contemporary facilities and state-of-the-art technology.In maintaining this environment- the Colleges create opportunities to engage faculty and students with other languages and diverse cultures. The majority of students participate in a study-abroad experience during their four years here. These experiences enhance what takes place on campus in the academic and social lives of students and it also allows the community to delve into the broader intellectual world.The academic program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges keeps this highly interactive environment alive. The academic program is set apart from peer institutions in terms of excellence and opportunity. Education takes place not only inside well-taught classes- but also outside in well-run off-campus programs and well-conceived service projects. The Colleges view civic responsibility- community engagement- and international education as integral components of a liberal arts education. This rigorous academic program challenges students’ minds while expanding their horizons to new worlds.