Jobs Near Hilltop Beauty School

Daly City, CA 94014

At Hilltop Beauty School- our primary objective is to offer training that prepares the successful student to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the Bureau of Barbering/Cosmetology Exams. In the process- our secondary objective is to maximize the development and personal growth of each student as a tolatl person- to help each student discover his/her potential and hopefully function as cosmetology entrepreneurs and teachers of the future. Our prime vocational objective is to train and produce graduates sufficiently knwoledgeable to seek and find employment in the beauty industry. THe successful student should be able to function effectively in one of the many specialty areas such as: Hair Stylist- Hair Colorist- Manicurity- Make-up Artist or as a Beauty Salon Operator. Normal progression should move him or her to positions such as Beauty Salon Manager- Beauty Salon Owner- Cosmetology Teacher- Supervisor Director- or School Owner.