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Mission Statement and Philosophy-The purpose of the Hairstyling Institute of Charlotte- Inc. (hereafter will be called the Hairstyling Institute) is to pro-vide students with the quality education in a manner in which students can learn and enjoy learning which is needed for a successful career in the Barber/ styling and cosmetology field. We are dedicated in providing quality education in a courteous- profes-sional atmosphere condusive to learning and to in-still it in all students through quality education and motivation- belief in themselves and their ability to succeed. Students set goals and objectives within their reach and with technical knowledge and skills. The Hairstyling Institute provides hands on training through theory and practical work that con-sistently develops graduates who are accepted in the field of barber/styling and cosmetology who go on to become not only employees but potential employers. The Hairstyling Institute is a leader in the training and education of barber/styling and cosmetology. The reason is simple. PRIDE and LONGEVITY. We take pride in our profession and in our school. We are a leader in the training of hair care professionals having been training students since 1975. Pride is a funny thing. It does not come easily; it must be earned. Pride is at once in-tangible and all prevailing. Both a driving force and a soothing balm- pride often makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Fortunately- pride can be extremely contagious. The Hairstyling Institute can assist you in the fulfillment of your potential in the Hair-styling profession. Together- we can make you a thoroughly qualified barber/stylist or cosmetologist. We can reach this goal through hard work- perseverance- dedication and most of all- pride. The Hairstyling Institute is committed to the education of its students by continuously studying and assessing our programs and