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Winter Park, FL 32789

The mission of Fortis College is to provide high-quality programs of study to a diverse student population. It is the goal of Fortis College to provide a learning enviornment that inspires all students to realize their full potential. To fulfill this mission- Fortis College has established the following purposes and values: To provide students with the skills and knowledge to qualify for employment in some of the fastest growing occupations.To provide student services that contribute student success and achievement.To respond to the employment needs of the companies that hire our graduates.To maintain an educational environment that respects and accommodates a diversity of individual backgrounds- abilities- interests and opinions.To always act with integrity- honesty and with the highest ethics.To provide placement assistance to facilitate students' successful transition into their careers.To provide qualified faculty to insure that appropriate and applicable curriculum material and training is delivered to the student.To establish advisory committees to provide advice and recommendations to Fortis College's administration and faculty concerning the type and content of courses and programs needed to produce graudates who can best be successful in their particular fields of endeavor.