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Tallahassee, FL 32304

The aim of Flagler College is to provide a supportive and challenging environment in which students acquire knowledge- exercise good citizenship- and adhere to high ethical standards. The principal focus of the College's academic program is undergraduate education in selected liberal and pre-professional studies; thus- the role of teaching is central to the College's mission. The purposes of the academic program are to provide opportunities for general and specialized learning; to assist students in preparing for careers; and to aid qualified students in pursuing graduate and professional studies. The objectives of the student life program at Flagler are to establish appropriate standards of conduct and to promote activities that will contribute to the development of self-discipline- integrity- and leadership. Flagler College was established as a memorial to Henry M. Flagler. The Hotel Ponce de Leon- built by Mr. Flagler- serves as a reminder of his enterprise- diligence- and commitment to high standards. The College is pledged to the preservation and use of this facility and other historic and architecturally unique campus structures. Distinctive Characteristics • Flagler College is small. • Flagler College offers a limited number of academic programs. • Flagler College seeks a faculty dedicated to undergraduate teaching. • Flagler College maintains high standards of personal conduct. • Flagler College serves the full-time- traditional college-age student. • Flagler College seeks to use community resources. • Flagler College maintains unique campus structures. • Flagler College practices prudent management of resources. • Flagler College provides a friendly campus environment