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Mayaguez, PR 680

The principal objective of the Eugenio Maria de Hostos School of Law is the integrated formation of jurists who have a humanistic and social perspective of their role in the community. The intent is that they intervene actively in the regulatory- political and economic processes- at the regional as well as the national level. The social relevance of our legal profession in today's Puerto Rico is dependent on our ability to transcend the adversative- economic and technical viewpoints that have dominated the profession in our times.It is critical that jurists be formed as learned professionals- true analytical intellectuals and social engineers- dedicated to the active cultivation of knowledge and practices needed for a more just and efficient administration of justice- for the formulation of public policy on the island- and for the competitive intervention in the new global economic- judicial-political and cultural order. Complete understanding of the social- political and valuative nature of law is essential- and of the primary social function that jurists serve as social conflict mediators- as counselors of the prescriptive processes in society- and- together with other groups of professionals- as organizers of social processes. Thus they can contribute constructively to the development of our country and to the solution of problems that afflict our society.Moreover- the traditional model of legal education creates a learning process that by and large concentrates on the transmission of information. It has- likewise- a pernicious tendency to favor the courtroom as the almost exclusive stage for professional practice and within this forum- to favor adversative and litigious solutions- despite enormous costs that it entails- both economically and socially.Hence the imperative to promote an educational model based on the human and professional development of the student through a formative process that focuses on critical- analytic and systemic thinking.