Jobs Near Everest Institute

Newport News, VA 23606

Everest College is a private college established to meet the changing employment and corresponding educational needs of the diverse student population of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The College offers practical- career-related programs designed to help graduates prepare for entry-level positions and contribute to the community that it serves. In order to assure continued fulfillment of its mission- Everest College has established the following objectives:• To offer two-year degree programs and diploma programs that will help students develop a solid foundation of basic technical and business skills;• To assist students to achieve a general education background;• To help students develop attitudes- knowledge- and skills that will enhance quality of life and contribute to the community;• To offer a practical and viable curricula- taught by instructors who have education and work experience related to their areas of instruction;• To provide career-related training based on current industry trends;• To provide job placement assistance to graduates.