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Orangeburg, NY

The aim of Dominican College is to promote educational excellence- leadership- and service in an environment characterized by respect for the individual and concern for the community. The College is an independent institution of higher learning- Catholic in origin and heritage. In the tradition of its Dominican founders- the College fosters the active- shared pursuit of truth and embodies an ideal of education rooted in the values of reflective understanding and compassionate involvement. Committed to building its programs on a strong liberal arts foundation- the College maintains a student-centered climate and offers an array of degree opportunities in the liberal arts and sciences- business- and the professions on the undergraduate and graduate levels. Although the majority of its students are from its geographic region- to whose emerging educational needs it is particularly responsive- its diverse student body includes national and international representation of all ethnicities and religions.Dominican College is dedicated to the principle that its educational programs and services must be both challenging and supportive- distinguished both by high standards and by attention to the needs and potential of the individual student.