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Digital Media Arts College's (DMAC) primary mission is to award Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees to students who successfully complete educational programs adhering to the highest level of academic and artistic standards that blend the latest technologies and artistic practices in a curriculum guided by the needs and trends of industry and the global community.DMAC’s primary mission shall be advanced by all faculty members having achieved the highest level of academic accomplishment in their field of study and having applied their skills in academia and industry in order to prepare students to excel in artistic expression and to channel their talent toward the pursuit of productive and successful lives.DMAC’s primary mission shall be advanced by offering students access to the latest technological innovations to enrich their creative abilities. Exposure and access to innovative technology shall be an integral part of study from the very first semester in order to foster an exciting environment of challenge and to develop student understanding of the ways in which technology- media and entertainment are interwoven.DMAC’s primary mission shall be advanced by providing students a multi-cultural influence for creativity- understanding and excitement by drawing upon a diverse faculty and student population.Founded in 2001- Digital Media Arts College is a private undergraduate and postgraduate college dedicated to providing through the efforts of its Board of Trustees- administrators- faculty- staff- students- alumni- friends in industry and friends in the community- the necessary resources- services and facilities to fulfill its institutional mission.