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Medical Dynamics- Inc. operates private postsecondary schools- with the primary objective of training and preparing career-oriented students to obtain licensure as massage therapists. Medical Dynamics- Inc.- its Main School and Non-Main Campuses fully prepares the student to enter the health care industry in the practice of massage. Massage therapy instruction is provided in a supportive professional environment- where an interdisciplinary team of educators positively interacts with the students- and provides guidance and assistance toward successful completion. The outstanding faculty provides quality education and professional readiness by integrating theoretical concepts and hands-on supervised learning.Objectives:* To provide a quality massage therapy training program- resulting in competent practitioners entering the profession of massage therapy.* To prepare students for massage therapy licensure my meeting the requirements to legally sit for the State of Ohio licensure exam in massage therapy.* Develop student behaviors grounded in personal responsibility through learning experiences- teaching techniques and modeling professional development.* Provide a positive learning environment in the theoretical study of massage-related sciences- and consistently promote the occupational ethics that are critical to the profession of a massage therapist.* To hire highly qualified- experienced instructors who are dedicated to providing quality curriculum and guidance to our students.* Provide teaching and learning experiences that foster personal and professional integrity and a commitment to the respectful care of individuals in the student clinic and classroom environments. Create a sensitive and enthusiastic setting- which inspires self-confidence and motivation in which to teach and learn.