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Watertown, MA 2472

Our MissionTo provide innovative and practical wellness and health education.Our Educational PhilosophyCortiva Institute is dedicated to providing our students with opportunities to challenge themselves to learn and grow academically- personally and professionally.Our Core ValuesIntegrityWe act honestly and ethically with one another- our students- and the larger community.ExcellenceWe consciously set high standards and take steps to achieve them- as well as excel beyond them.RespectWe create a kind- honest- and respectful environment that encourages people to act responsibly and give their best.ProfessionalismWe are committed to developing- following- and modeling the best practices of our chosen professions with each other and our students.CommunityWe foster open and constructive communication and interactions with one another to support creative collaboration and opportunities for growth.DiversityWe acknowledge that adult education is grounded and enriched by the wide variety of life experiences and learning styles of our students and teachers.GrowthWe continuously seek to improve ourselves in an effort to become better people- teachers- learners- and professionals in our chosen fields.