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East Hartford, CT 6108

MISSION AND OBJECTIVESThe mission of Connecticut Training Center- Inc. is to provide opportunity for educational and vocational training to the diverse population of our community- enabling students to achieve a level of self-efficiency to become competitive contributors to today’s marketplace and to society. The objectives that follow seek to further this mission.Connecticut Training Center- Inc. recognizes the correlation between the rapid changes within the business community and future opportunities toward meaningful employment and economic advancement. To this end- CTC subscribes to the following five objectives:* To offer programs that are designed to meet the challenge of rapidly changing workforce and its constant demands.* To offer continuing education- job seeking skills training and co-op opportunities designed to help students to become more competitive in the job market.* To design porgrams which make educational technology a key part of the curricula and connect work and learning activities for students.* To provide cooperative employment opportunities where students gain a sense of job responsibility through hands-on training. It has been demonstrated that prior work experience is one of the best predictors of one's subsequent ability to get and keep a job; it also fosters a sense of responsibilty. This bridge between meaningful training and employment provides an opportunity for transitional counseling and support.* To remain current in many fields by responding quickly to both employer and employee needs in the maketplace and establish and maintain viable and productive relationships with area businesses.