Jobs Near College of the Ouachitas

Malvern, AR

College of the Ouachitas is a public- two-year institution of higher education that continually identifies and addresses the changing learning needs of the communities it serves through:•Developmental courses and services that promote collegiate-level success;•Associate-degree programs and courses that prepare learners to transfer and to succeed at universities;•Associate degree- certificate- and continuing professional education programs and courses that prepare learners to succeed in the workforce;•Services and resources that meet the needs of students in order to support successful learning;•Specialized training courses and services that meet the needs of business and individuals;•Partnerships with K-12 schools- other colleges and universities- businesses- industries- public agencies- and civic groups that support learning and promote the economic development of Arkansas;•Non-credit- lifelong learning programs and opportunities that meet community needs;•Continuous improvement through a system of inquiry- evidence- and accountability.