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New York, NY

MISSION STATEMENTThe mission of The Collective is to be a high quality educational institution in the area of contemporary rhythm section music performance. GOALS Our goal is to prepare students for careers as well-trained performers of contemporary music by offering a structured curriculum which focuses on developing the highest level of musicianship and which provides the technical- conceptual- and performance-oriented training necessary for artistic and commercial success. OBJECTIVESOur objectives include the development of skills- such as sight-reading and instrumental technique- the assimilation of practical information from music theory to standard contract provisions- and the acquisition of a wide range of performance experience in a variety of typical musical settings and styles. Programs- which range in length from one to eight 10-week semesters- are designed to present specific sequential material to students in small class settings and with a maximum of exposure to professional musicians who are experienced professionals in the specific topic area- and who have demonstrated competency as an instructor.The missions- goals- and objectives stated above influence every decision- and permeate every curricular offering at The Collective.