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It is the belief of the Charles Stuart School that the traditional educational system does not thoroughly prepare many of today’s students for a satisfying role in the nation’s labor pool. This is evidenced by the number of individuals who have not successfully completed or prospered by traditional educational methods in our society. In contrast- we see ours as a vocational education institution which combines the best of standard methods with innovative- imaginative- and- above all- practical approaches to instruction.It is our belief that given individualized attention- a caring faculty- a concerned administration- courses that make sense- and total commitment to the success of our students can make a difference. We provide students with the latest instruction- which meet all the requirements for employment in the prospective field. This field offers the most fulfilling career for people today and which will continue to do so in the future.The principal educational objective of the Charles Stuart School is to effectively prepare students to qualify for entry-level employment in the trade they are enrolled in. The school offers hands-on instruction by way of the latest methods- taught by instructors who work in the trade.The School’s secondary objective is to provide its graduates with the required world of work attitudes that will enhance their acquired trade skills.