Jobs Near Central Nursing College

Los Angeles, CA 90010

The mission of Central Nursing College is to offer innovative- quality programs that are sound in concept- implemented by a competent and dedicated faculty and geared to serve those seeking a solid foundation of knowledge and skills demanded by today’s job market. All training programs emphasize hands-on experience that reflect employers’ needs and focus on areas that offer strong long-term employment opportunities. Central Nursing College focuses its programs on the following objectives to meet the mission of offering students only the best in allied health care training:•Provide quality- comprehensive- affordable education to meet the particular needs of professionals and employers of the greater Los Angeles area.•Evaluate and update educational programs and materials regularly.•Provide facilities- environment- training equipment and instructional materials that are conducive to learning and which are in concert with current industry standards.•Employ educators who possess advanced experience and knowledge within the field they are set to teach.•Establish an environment that motivates and encourages students while emphasizing independent thought and self-discipline.