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Lancaster, CA 93534

“It is the objective of Career Care Institute to provide a framework of academic instruction to develop the capabilities of all students regardless of race- color- sex- religious creed- national origin- with experienced guidance in the development of practical skills- and theoretical knowledge required for the individual student's career goals. It is our mission to provide the student with an educational environment which meets the needs of students with varied learning skills and to provide support services which contribute to instructional effectiveness and student success. We recognize that the student has changing needs for academic and occupational instruction- that appropriate training is necessary for career growth of the individual and that the needs of the community for such individuals are great. To offer our students the training and skills that help to successful employment- the school will: Select teachers with professional experience in the vocations they teach and the ability to motivate and develop students to their greatest potential; Provide modern facilities and training equipment; Continually evaluate and update educational programs; and Promote self-discipline and motivation so that students may enjoy success on the job and in society.” -Edmund Carrasco- Director