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Gold River, CA

To be the premier provider of innovative- quality career education that enables our graduates to succeed and lead in their chosen career field.Through our association at Bryan College- we will all strive to have more successful- enriched lives by:Students will develop and achieve a personal education and career plan for success.They will:-Gain the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed in their chosen career.-Enjoy a positive- demanding experience- including service to others.-Graduate in a reasonable time- according to their plan.-Obtain gainful employment.Faculty and staff will enjoy meaning and success in their work.They will:-Help every student succeed according to their plan.-Develop and achieve a plan for personal growth and achievement.-Build an open atmosphere of support- participation- and enthusiasm.-Be generously rewarded for excellent performance.Owners will achieve success and contribute to the community.They will:-Provide quality- ethical leadership- education- and facilities.-Support efforts to assist students- faculty- and staff to succeed.-Lead the school to significant- positive growth and recognition.-Return meaningful service to the community.