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Siler City, NC

BTI provides opportunities for Learning that Changes Lives. In pursuit of this goal- we teach people how to touch in a caring and professional manner- and how to utilize those healing skills to increase the health and well-being of all they reach. We are committed to assisting our students in achieving excellence in the therapeutic knowledge- sensitivity and personal awareness necessary for the effective and successful practice of massage therapy.our staff and faculty acknowledge that learning is a living process and that living is a learning process. Through a wealth of clinical- educational and personal experi- ence- we encourage all our students to achieve their highest potential during and after the program.We view the practice of body-oriented therapy as both an application of clinical techniques as well as a means of creative expression. Therefore- our curriculum and teaching methods integrate the scientific aspects of massage with the intuitive; we approach the therapeutic process with a profound respect for each person’s innate intelligence and self-healing capabilities.