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Baltimore, MD

BALTIMORE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE- an independent- not-for-profit institution- offers under¬graduate and graduate programs which provide students with the highest quality education in Culinary Arts and in Hospitality or Culinary Management with an international dimension. The College enhances its career programs of study with courses in the Liberal Arts and Business competencies to strengthen those skills essential to all professions – critical and analytic reasoning- written and oral communication- teamwork- and the application of technology- as well as creativity and a commitment to ethics and integrity. The College affirms- then- the traditional- practical value of higher education as a means to economic- professional- and personal advancement- especially but not only in the culinary and hospitality fields.The College also recognizes the need for the holistic development of students through a range of services to residential and commuting students.The College strives to anticipate advances in the culinary and hospitality professions in its degree programs and in its service to the geographic area by offering workshops and seminars for current practitioners and for interested citizens.