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Lakewood, NJ 8701

The mission of Bais Medrash Toras Chesed is to promote and encourage the study of ethical works and teachings; to stimulate and foster the education and development of young people; to establish programs to further these principles and ideals; to organize and conduct philosophical discussions among members of this corporation and with other individuals and groups; to increase- foster and advance the understanding of historical principles- ideals and traditions and to create and establish programs to further such principles- ideals and traditions; to endeavor to inculcate and maintain high moral and ethical standards in men and women; to engage in charitable activities and service to benefit the community; to aid- assist and support charitable organizations in furtherance of ethical principles and ideals; to act in concert with other organizations- agencies and institutions to accomplish the purposes of the corporation; to receive- establish and maintain a fund or funds or real or personal property- or both- and subject to lawful restrictions and limitations- to use and apply the whole or any part of the income therefrom and principal thereof exclusively for educational purposes and generally to further and advance historical ethical principles- ideals and traditions. With these objectives in mind- Bais Medrash Toras Chesed will prepare its students to enter graduate and professional programs- as well as to pursue continued further studies in their personal lives.