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Duluth, GA 30096

The Atlanta Institute of Music provides non-beginning instrument students and recording arts students with the instructional environment necessary to develop their musical talents and acquire the skills demanded of today's professionals in the music industry. The Atlanta Institute of Music's curriculum accomplishes this through class and private instruction; audio- video and computer lab instruction; and live clinics featuring today's most well-known and informative artists and music industry professionals. Atlanta Institute of Music programs are taught by professionals whose work experience- certification and/or music degrees give each instructor the background to teach the demanding curriculum. It is the belief of the Atlanta Institute of Music that music is the universal language and therefore welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. The Atlanta Institute of Music serves students without discrimination on the basis of sex- race- age or religion. Founder Steve Freeman developed the mission statement of the Atlanta Institute of Music in September 1985. It was revised in December 1993 by the governing board of the Atlanta Institute of Music to better define the type of instruction offered and to add the non-discriminatory clause. Another revision was made in July 1997 by its President- Nite Driscoll- to better define AIM's purpose- which is to offer instruction and further develop the knowledge and talents of the non-beginning student- defined as one who already possesses or demonstrates an intermediate or better level of physical dexterity and aptitude relative to his or her instrument. In 2008- AIM expanded its offerings to include recording arts as a program of study.